On Gratitude…

Jarrett Krosoczka, better known as a children’s book author, recently released his first book for young adults, an autobiography titled, “Hey, Kiddo.”

A couple of key thoughts from him, gleaned from Rebecca Asoulin’s article in the Christian Science Monitor Weekly (one of my regular favorite reads), “Illustrating gratitude on the page and in life” (link follows)”

Krosoczka: “I wouldn’t change a single thing about my childhood because it made me who I am… I’m grateful for everything that’s led me up to this point.”

Asoulin notes, “[The] author regularly makes the case for gratitude: A thank-you reminds both giver and receiver of their importance and connection to others.”

In a TED Talk, Krosoczka expanded on the gratitude theme: “A thank-you can change a life. It changes the life of the person who receives it, and it changes the life of the person who expresses it.”

“Hey, Kiddo” was a finalist for the National Book Award, and showed up an several 2018 “best of” lists.

“Gratitude just permeates my work because that is who I am,” he says.


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It’s The Simple Things We Need

Screenshot_2018-11-13 Two Homeless Friends - Bing images

Just outside the library (a free place) in Moab, Utah this summer, I was witness to this conversation between two older bearded gentlemen having a friendly conversation:

Man 1: “I’m gonna call this lady (showing a slip of paper with contact information) and see if I can get a couple months of free housing.”

Man 2: “Man, I hope you get it.”

Man 1: “Yeah, can you imagine? You could come over and take a shower, and eat some of my spaghetti.”

Man 2: (nods)

It’s the simple things we need, not all the “stuff”.  And friends.

Potpourri (This ‘n That)

A few plays on the title this morning:

Pot Pour-y

Pot(ent) Puree


Item #1:

Where is Mike Rowe when you need him???

I actually had to look up what a “wipe” was. Learn something every day. My friends with babies and other assorted rugrats, as well as a few ladies of my acquaintance, explained (with no small amount of incredulity, mind you) what wipes are and what they are FOR. Guess that lack of knowledge moves me to the left of center on the “Swamp Men-o-meter”. (Dad: “Why, when I was growing up, we felt lucky to have a good supply of corn cobs and the latest Sears&Roebuck catalog! And we were -barefoot-, too, did I tell you that?”

Screenshot_2018-10-18 Flushed wipes cause Charleston Water System backup


Item #2:

How could I not follow-up with this?

Kleenex maker Kimberly-Clark says it will re-brand its “Mansize” tissues after consumers complained the name was sexist.

Aw, jeez-Louise…

No “Thumber-Devices” at Camp, and Kids Don’t Miss Their Phones???

Layout 1

“About 90 percent of the nearly 8,400 sleepaway camps counted by the American Camp Association are now device free…[and] the big news may be that many kids seem not to mind at all.”

What about the phones that “sneak” into camps anyway?  “The phones often end up in a drawer after a few days at camp.”

“They’re more often than not just comfort blankets,” said Nigel Watson, camp director at the French Woods Sports and Arts Center, a high school-only sleepaway camp in the Catskills near New York.

For many kids, summer means powering down for camp

Now if they could only stop using them while driving. Or walking. Or anywhere else they could/should be PAYING ATTENTION.